If you are you a Construction Contractor, our next class begins in the Spring. Imagine that you, too, can learn to bid, win and thrive in the Construction Industry in the Houston area.

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The Construction Contractors’ College (CCC) is a program of The Entrepreneurs’ Learning Center at The Kingdom Builders’ Center (The KBC).  The program launched in the Spring of 2014 with a curriculum shaped by a committee of representatives from certifying agencies, experienced sub- and general contractors and successful small businesses.

Classes will be held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Kingdom Builders’ Center located at 6011 West Orem Drive; Houston, TX  77085. 

For more information please send an e-mail to construction.college@thekbc.com or call 713-726-2663.

The overall goal of the CCC is to help small and minority business owners in construction and construction services who have been in business at least one year.  The CCC is designed to prepare owners to bid on contracts in the public and private sectors.  The curriculum has been developed and will be taught by Houston’s best, brightest and experienced leaders to achieve the following five objectives for business owners:

  1. Develop sound business practices; 
  2. Improve the creditworthiness of both the individual owner and his or her business; 
  3. Position businesses for bidding opportunities; 
  4. Take the owner’s business to its next level, particularly in the area of economic development, whereby it is our hope that these businesses become employers  increasing the financial stability for themselves and their employees; and 
  5. Allow businesses to get face-to-face time in front of general contractors.    

The comprehensive curriculum was strategically designed to provide relevant and useful information that business owners can put into practice immediately. Course topics include credit awareness, specialized business plan development, certification, back office enhancement, bidding, project management and access to capital.

Graduates of the inaugural term experienced the following five outcomes:

  • Learned to develop a business structure/plan around their skill or trade;
  • Had opportunities to meet general contractors throughout the course;
  • Strengthened their probability to secure financing;
  • Had direct access to METRO’s express certification process; and
  • Received mentoring, coaching and counseling from experienced professionals including SCORE and other seasoned consultants.

The Entrepreneurs’ Learning Center is a business-supportive launch pad site located at The KBC that provides space and services for individuals at different points of their entrepreneurial journey.

The Kingdom Builders’ Center

6011 West Orem Drive
Houston, TX  77085
1st floor Events Office


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